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Search Engine Optimization solutions are committed to creating functional business enhancing Web sites that not only delivers your message but also achieve high visibility on the World Wide Webs leading search engines.

So many times Web Site Design is used by designers to create clever and stunning visual sites only for no one to see them because they are invisible to search engines. Google runs one of the world’s largest popularity contests that rewards good Web Site Design & punishes mistakes severely.

Web Site Promotion Services How do I get more visitors to my site?
Simple answer-get a good ranking in Google, Yahoo, AOL, MSN and the other major search engines for your keywords. This requires optimization of your head content and meta tags and then manual submission to the search engines and directories in the correct category. A good ranking results when someone enters words into a major search engine and their search results indicate a good match to your site. It is especially good if your site is listed in the top 10 matches. We can help you achieve this. We will be working on the optimization based on the inputs provided by you through our questionnaire. This questionnaire will make us understand your requirements in a much better way and we will able to do a perfect job then. After optimization, Your site will be submitted to the following search engines:






MSN / Looksmart / Zeal.com


AOL / Dmoz


Lycos / Hotbot






Excite / Web Crawler











If your site is a commercial site, then you need to pay submission charges to Yahoo Directories, Looksmart and Inktomi.com, which are as follows (Subject to change) : Yahoo - $299 (Annual Fee), LookSmart - $299 (Annual Fee), Inktomi - $39 (Annual Fee). You may be wondering at the great price difference between LookSmart and Inktomi. Let us clear the doubt.

Looksmart submission will help in getting your site listed among the primary results of AOL/MSN/Excite where as Inktomi submission will help in getting your site listed among the secondary results of the above sites. Even though your site is commercial, if some of your pages have non-commercial content in them, we can submit them to Yahoo and other directories like Zeal and DMOZ without paying the submission fee.

In case your site is already submitted to the paid search engines, we will be looking towards making your site's position better in these search engines for the keywords that you wish to target.

Please note that we offer Search Engine Optimization services and NOT Search Engine Positioning services. We optimize web pages for better rankings in search engines and we DONT guarantee placing them in higher positions.

A website can give you and your organization vast exposure to your customers. But how do your customers get to your website? Like millions of other online shoppers, chances are that customers find your site through search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, or MSN. In fact, according to MSN's latest statistics, 85% of online shoppers use search engines to find websites. Therefore, web promotion is paramount if you wish to increase your website's visibility to potential customers.

But for registration to be really effective, it needs to be handled by web professionals with specialized knowledge of web promotion. Achieving a high ranking in search engines involves a great deal of specialized knowledge in a field where things are constantly in flux. If you don't have the time to spend for the task, consider outsourcing us for search engine optimization to get that high positioning.

Millions of web pages are being developed for different online companies' everyday. More and more people are searching for a reliable search engine optimization firm that can make their site stand out from the others. As compared to the many search engine optimization firms only a few of them have been triumphant in providing quality search engine ranking and optimization services. Many years of commitment and experience in search Engine Optimization has made our professional SEO company a wonderful choice to hire. Big Bang Microsystems , one of the premier search engine optimization firms has since its beginning has been providing search engine ranking and optimization and search engine submission services.

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